Who was Dirty Helen?

When our family decided to start this company we couldn’t think of a better person to name it after then our Great Great Grandmother Helen Cromwell. Before she passed at the age of 83 she wrote an autobiography, appropriately titled Dirty Helen, of her life and her colorful past. Helen was a strong willed entrepreneur conquered many obstacles for a woman in a man's world. Helen was not only true to herself but was a loyal friend to many during prohibition and the depression. 

In 1926 she purchased the Sunflower Inn, a bar, in Milwaukee WI for $300.00. Professional athletes, politicians, socialites, millionaires and just regular people frequented her establishment, not only because it was a bar but because they enjoyed the company and friendly atmosphere. Everyone was welcome at Helen’s and no one was turned away. She was well known all over Milwaukee and was linked to many influential people including Al Capone. 

As we discover more and more about her life and the odd jobs she took through the years, she has only proved to be a strong willed independent women. Even though Helen lived a time period when things were rough she always said to “Live A Little”.