About Dirty Helen Paper Co.

Dirty Helen Paper Co. is a family owned and operated company. Our family has been in the printing and paper industry for over 40 years. When we were planning a first birthday party we were not at all impressed with the invitation options, so during our normal Sunday dinners we talked about it and decided why not take the knowledge and skill we had all acquired over the years and do something with it.

 From the time we design the products to the time it is shipped to your home, Dirty Helen Paper Co.products it never leaves our facility here in Cincinnati.

We hope that our designs and stationery remind you of the old days, when businesses were closed on Sunday so you could be with your family eating dinner around the table with a home cooked meal. While we know times are changing, we still try to remember who we are and where we came from. 

We meet so many parents and brides who get so caught up in the event planning and bridal showers that sometimes they forget to stop and just enjoy the moment. We know that a simple invitation or a pad of paper may not completely change your life, but we hope that for the split second when you open the Dirty Helen Paper Co. thank you card or jot down a note on a beautifully letterpress pad of paper you can take a minute to just take it in. Feel the texture of the papers or let the designs take you back to a time when things were easy.  

We hope you enjoy Dirty Helen Paper Co. stationery as much as we do. Don’t be afraid to ask for something custom, after all, that is how this got started. As you can tell by our profiles we dont take things to seriously, we are a laid back company. I have always told our team we pride ourselves on our quailty, customer services, and friendships we form.  We are who we are. We just hope you want to be apart of the Dirty Helen Family.